Why Refill

Why Refill?

Refills prevent plastic waste. In the near term, it's about the only effective way to prevent it

Personal care and household care products predominantly use single-use plastic and generate large volumes of plastic waste, about 90% of which is buried, burnt or leaks into the oceans

We offer you two ways to get refills. In one, we periodically deliver ready-to-use products in beautiful and durable containers, each time collecting any empties to wash and refill

In the other, we provide a small bottle to use around the house and a 5L container so you can save money and do your own refills whenever you want

Both prevent plastic waste

Each refill prevents plastic waste and lowers CO2 emissions

Refill a handful of bottles every month and you prevent 60 bottles of plastic waste every year

We’re happy to do the refilling for you, or you can get some bulk containers to do it yourself and save money!

Every little helps

lowerS carbon emissions by ~70%
(packaging related)

Prevent 60 BOTTLES OF plastic waste per year
just refill 5 bottles a month!

Start your move to less with Silvertown

We are proud to launch with Silvertown, a luxury range of hand soap and hand sanitiser available in beautiful glass bottles with a stainless-steel push pump

This sophisticated line shows refilled brands can be sold in materials way better than flimsy plastic

About the Silvertown brand

Want to do more? Why not set up your own refill service?

You'll make a big difference and earn some spending money too...

Be a Refill Champion!

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