Be A Refill Champion For Less

We need to get by with less. We all do. Many of the world’s problems can be solved if we all adopt a gentler footprint

To help, we're looking for Refill Champions to reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. Our idea is simple, but powerful: each Refill Champion can save 100kg or more of plastic waste every year and lower carbon emissions by about 350kg. And earn around £2000 a year

Here’s how… set up a small refill station in your home where friends and family can come to top up on household and personal care essentials. Easy!

You can buy everything you need from our website, product in manageable 5L-20L containers and enough reusable containers to get you going, and we'll deliver it in our electric vans

With each refill you sell to your customers, you'll prevent plastic waste and make a margin

You buy product as you need and, when we deliver it, we collect any empty containers to wash and refill, so the cycle continues

It can be social and fun. You set your own work times and fold it into your life how you want. And it all helps

Read our Refill Champion FAQs and if you want to give it a go, check your postcode and let us know


Innovation Grants

Our development has been backed by two major innovation grants. One from Innovate UK for Designing Sustainable Plastic Solutions and another from the UK charity WRAP, for its Circular Plastics Flagship Refill Infrastructure grant that part-funded setup of our operations

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