Discover Silvertown’s Refilled Hand Care Collection

Made in the UK from premium ingredients and presented in UK-made elegant glass bottles, Silvertown is a new departure in hand care. Silvertown brings sophisticated fragrances selected by olfactory experts to make hand washing enjoyable 

Silvertown hand soaps are suitable for all skin types, mild and gentle, pH balanced and contain moisturisers to help leave hands feeling soft and smooth. And critically, Silvertown products do not cause any plastic waste. Washed and refilled then delivered in electric vehicles, it's a truly sustainable alternative 

Luxury hand care products from the heart of the Docklands revival

Illustration commissioned by John Knight & Sons c1880

A quaker, John Knight set new business standards, making available affordable soaps, and promoting hand washing through publications and postcards that helped prevent disease spread during wars and pandemics. Knight & Sons was one of the first companies in London to hire women to work in factories, reduced shifts from 12 hours to eight, provided an annual bonus and pension for retired workers and supported local schools

A century of prosperity was followed by decades of decay and dereliction as containerisation moved business downstream through the 70s and 80s

Silvertown was once the manufacturing hub of Docklands, receiving exotic spices and goods from around the world to create a dazzling array of products

It was also a thriving centre of soap production, with John Knight & Sons and The Royal Primrose Soap Works in Silvertown. For over two centuries the business flourished selling quality soaps and doing some good for the community, an example we’re hoping to follow 

Silvertown is back!

Today, Silvertown is bouncing back. Diverse, eclectic and still transforming, it sits in the most multicultural of London’s boroughs with a growing number of artisanal, disruptive and innovative businesses. Celebrate its revival and our (small) part in this transformation with these hand care products in elegant glass bottles

Choose from two hand soap fragrances, White Rose & Rhubarb and Tuscan Organge & Bergamot, and don't forget hand sanitiser, available in an invigorating Fresh Apple fragrance


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