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Refilling is the best way to

stop plastic waste

Stop plastic waste in your area

We Offer Two Great Solutions

Refill Your Own Bottles

Top up your own bottles for an easy and cost-effective way to stop plastic waste and save money

Buy a bulk container and reusable bottles to refill and you’re good to go (for many brands we give you one prefilled reusable bottle for free)!

Refill with less money, less plastic and less hassle


Let Us Refill For You!

If you prefer, we can do the work for you

Convenient doorstep delivery and collection as well as zero plastic waste

Choose from our growing portfolio of quality products

No hassle, no waste


Innovation Grants

Our development has been backed by two major innovation grants. One from Innovate UK for Designing Sustainable Plastic Solutions and another from the UK charity WRAP, for its Circular Plastics Flagship Refill Infrastructure grant that part-funded setup of our operations

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