Inspired by the Japanese for reuse, Sai Riyō ( 再利用), Riyō is a range of sophisticated naturals and organic beauty products
SLS free

Made with care, all Riyō products are hand mixed and poured

Specially developed here in the UK with botanically driven formulations, Riyō uses only the finest natural and organic ingredients, all without animal testing

By selecting quality natural ingredients, botanical extracts and essential oil blends, Riyō products avoid the synthetic and cheaper ingredients common to most personal care and beauty products

To avoid potentially dangerous and harsh chemicals Riyō products use an approved paraben-free preservative. This is effective, but not as long lasting as synthetic preservatives. Because of this, and the fully naturals ingredients, we recommend Riyō products are used fresh, within six weeks of delivery

Green tea & lemon cream hand wash and hand moisturiser

Cream hand wash

Rich, creamy and gentle with coconut and almond oil to nourish and moisturise, leaving hands clean and fresh. Made from a hydrating blend of castile and natural extracts including plum kernel oil and blackcurrant seed extract. Unlike many soaps and other hand washes, this cream wash will not dry out the skin and contains no harmful ingredients such as SLS

Hand moisturiser

This hand lotion has been designed to ensure skin stays soft and hydrated all day long. Made with apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and a small amount of olive oil, along with aloe vera, this moisturiser leaves hands deeply moisturised and smooth, revitalising skin of every type and age


Both hand care products have a fresh and caring green tea and lemon fragrance with refreshing citrus bergamot, blended mandarin and drier notes of orange rind and lemon, all balanced by calming top notes of green tea

Fresh coconut shampoo and conditioner

Enriching shampoo

This pure and clean shampoo removes impurities and restores softness and a smooth finish to your hair. Enriched with wheat protein and aloe vera leaf, this all-naturals shampoo deeply revitalises. Ideal for normal hair. SLS free

Hydrating conditioner

A nourishing hair conditioner that leaves your hair feeling soft and silky. Enriched with sweet almond seedcake and coconut oil which helps promote hair growth and adds volume and shine. Ideal for normal hair


Both the shampoo and conditioner have a rich coconut fragrance, infused with coconut oil for a gentle tropical feel with sweet and spicy vanilla notes from a base of tonka beans

Revitalising pink grapefruit shower gel

Revitalising pink grapefruit shower gel

Rich in natural oils this revitalising pink grapefruit shower gel helps to hydrate and nourish skin. Infused with Aloe Vera to cleanse and rejuvenate, it leaves skin soft and silky smooth. Low foaming. Made without SLS


An invigorating and vibrant, fruity citrus fragrance of freshly squeezed grapefruit combined with sweet Brazilian orange, gentle green floral hints and a base of musk and patchoul

Frangipani moisturising aloe vera body lotion

This Riyō aloe vera body lotion is enriched with apricot kernel oil, coconut oil and olive oil to moisturise and revitalise skin of every type and age. Gentle enough for even sensitive skin, natural aloe vera soothes and ensures skin stays soft and hydrated all day long


Frangipani moisturising aloe vera body lotion has a sophisticated, lush and rich floral scent. Hawaiian Lei flower oil gives a gently lingering hint of tropical flowers that soothes and calms

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