Our Story

Our Story

LESS™ was born out of a frustration at plastic waste, especially seeing how little major consumer goods companies were doing to address it

We think it’s appalling that many branded products are made so far away, even overseas, then shipped in ready-to-use plastic containers on diesel powered trucks to supermarkets where they are bought and the packaging used once and dumped

Greenwashing efforts to make packaging lighter, use some recycled plastic or make packaging 'recyclable' were simply not going to move the dial. A more radical solution was needed, and specifically one that broke the linear supply chain

We offer two complementary refill and reuse systems that enable brands to deliver products direct to consumers without single-use plastic

One is a twist on the tried and tested milkround model that delivers ready to use products in reusable containers, the other allows you to refill from home or even refill for your friends and family. All prevent plastic waste and save you money

LESS was set up by John and Roger, two long time collaborators. They previously advised some consumer goods companies about plastic waste abatement and saw first-hand how broken the system was

A Mission to Stop Plastic Waste

Our goal is to deliver products without plastic waste, starting with household goods

Changing entrenched consumer behaviours and combating vested corporate interests will be hard

We hope you’ll support us


Innovation Grants

Our development has been backed by two major innovation grants. One from Innovate UK for Designing Sustainable Plastic Solutions and another from the UK charity WRAP, for its Circular Plastics Flagship Refill Infrastructure grant that part-funded setup of our operations

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