Delivery and Collection

Updated: April 4, 2022

For now, we only serve customers in "local service areas" (please see our terms and conditions for more information), delivering and collecting bottles using our own electric vans

Very soon, we will also make available our You Fill service nationwide, using our electric vans where we can, and couriers where we can't

This page outlines the delivery and collection conditions for local service areas and our own vans

How They Are Made

The deliveries will be made by a Less employee in one of our electric vans

You will receive your choice of an email or text message before the delivery to remind you the delivery and collection of empties will be made

The driver will place the bottles outside your door (unless you give us specific instructions for an alternative location) and will pick up the empty bottles from the same place. You can state your delivery options at checkout, but the location must be at the postcode you provided when creating the account

If you wish to subsequently change those instructions, you can do up to 08:00 on the day of the delivery by emailing us through the contact us page

We do not charge for delivery, or for the collection of the empty bottles

If you do not receive your items by the end of the stated delivery window, please email us through the contact us page

Delivery Areas 

We currently deliver only to a small number of postcodes, but we continue to expand our coverage

Express your interest here and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re coming to your area

Delivery Slots 

We visit each area we cover every 2 weeks 

When you create an account, you will be invited to choose a preferred delivery day for your purchases (including ongoing subscribe & save deliveries) from the options we have for your postcode


You will receive an SMS message or email (depending on your choice) to remind you that the delivery will be made 

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