Sophisticated Naturals And Organic Beauty From Riyō

Sophisticated Naturals And Organic Beauty From Riyō

Riyō is a range of sophisticated natural and organic beauty products.

Hand wash, hand moisturiser and body lotion come in beautiful amber glass bottles; shower products (body wash, shampoo and conditioner) in matte black stainless steel, all with elegant matte black stainless steel push pumps.

Specially developed here in the UK with botanically driven formulations, Riyō uses only the finest natural and organic ingredients, all without animal testing.

By selecting quality natural ingredients, botanical extracts and essential oil blends, Riyō products avoid the synthetic and cheaper ingredients common to most personal care and beauty products

Riyō is named after the Japanese for reuse, Sai Riyō (再利用), and like all products sold on RefillwithLESS, we provide a bulk container from which you can do your own refills to save money and prevent plastic waste.

Read more about Riyō products as well as see the full range.

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